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Brush Hogging and Mowing

Whether it's clearing rough land - sometimes I brush hog more trees than grass - or simply mowing large open areas, what's important is that the job is done quickly and to your specifications.  I dare to say that all of my repeat customers are also now my friends!


When hiring a brush hog service, sometimes a lower hourly rate can cost more in the long run. Be mindful of the size of brush hog and tractor being operated. Sometimes a lower hourly rate can end up costing you more if larger equipment could have done the job faster.  Usually, you want at least a 6ft brush hog on your job. A higher horsepower tractor can also move faster without having to slow down as much in thick grass.  When you're paying by the hour, efficiency is absolutely critical.

I specialize in lots that are less than 20 acres but have done up to 30 acres in a day and even more over a multi-day project. 

To get started, we'll usually talk on the phone about the project, perhaps exchange a few photos and/or meet on-site, and ultimately I will provide a bounded estimate with a low, high, and projected cost that you can depend on.

Bozhog brush hog central oklahoma
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