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About BozHog

Mike Bosley BozHog and family
BozHog and baby BozHogs
BozHog in the Army days with the M60
Who is this guy?

Most of the truly important stuff I'd want you to know about me is pictured on this page.  


However, my name is Mike Bosley. I graduated with honors earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering ('95) as well as an MBA ('02.)  I previously served with distinction in the Oklahoma Army National Guard in the 1990's, having earned "Soldier of the Year" at various levels in the state over multiple years and ranks.  


These days I'm most busy as a dad to Noah and Katie, husband to Dana, church deacon and owner of a small manufacturing company.


I grew up on a small farm in southern Oklahoma and have operated just about every kind of construction equipment.  Tractors have been a part of most of my life and I very much enjoy helping people improve their living spaces or maximize their profit when selling property.

Send me a note about your project. I'd love to discuss things with you. Even if we don't have the privilege of working together, perhaps I can give you some advice to save you a little money. Thank you for considering me!   -Mike

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