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Grading, Leveling, Driveway Repair & Snow Removal

You can see many of my completed projects for dirt work HERE.


Is your driveway washed out? Does it turn to muck after a rain and hold water for long periods of time? Are you sick of your car being muddy all the time?  In addition to re-grading your driveway with proper drainage and crown, I can also help coordinate gravel or milled asphalt for you.

Or do you need a level spot for a new shop or car port on your property?  Most builders need the location to be level before they will erect the structure. I'm happy to help and will ensure their grade tolerances are met.





Dirt work leveling pad prep
Dirt work leveling pad prep
Driveway repair and drainage
Driveway repair and drainage
Future home site pad prep
Levelled house pad surveyed for accuracy
Driveway repair and maintenance
Driveway repair maintenance with new gravel
Driveway gravel repair

A driveway that was almost impassable by passenger car.

Driveway gravel ready to be spread

Gravel ready to be spread.​

Parking lot gravel repair

Gravel that has been spread filling in unsitely potholes.

Grader blades or "angle blades" can be used to move dirt or gravel in much the same way but because they angle, they can slowly move dirt, snow or gravel across an specific area.


Landscape rakes, or sometimes referred to as 'rock rakes,' are great for smoothing dirt while also separating debris like sticks and rocks.  I use these frequently for smoothing projects.


Rural driveways are often plagued by erosion and need a good, long-term fix. Using the land's natural topography, I can create a long but narrow swale on the uphill side of the drive to capture the water before it hits the drive.  I pack it and roll it tight.  The driveway is now ready for 'gravel and travel!'

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