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Backhoe and Digging Projects

You can see many of my backhoe and tree removal projects by clicking HERE.


Save your back...and put down your Shovel/Chainsaw/Axe

Whether it is a trench, digging a flower bed, locating a water line or digging up unwanted trees (especially cedars), I can help.

Koi Ponds and Water Features

I can quickly and easily help save your back from lots of digging when you get ready to install any sort of water feature!


No need to dig Fence Posts by hand

If you are planning to put in a new fence and need holes dug for the posts, give me a call.  You can see other post hole digging projects HERE.

Beaver Dam Removal

Removal done quick and easy.  See video below.

Tree Removal

We can remove them with a backhoe per the video below or even shred them as you can see on my land clearing page.





















backhoe trench central oklahoma

In this image, a gentleman was having trouble locating a water line and by hiring me he saved a considerable sum of money over having the plumber do the work.  Alternatively, this is also much less expensive than renting a backhoe at Home Depot.  Doing so requires having a 3/4 ton vehicle to haul it, learning how to use it, putting more diesel in it when done, and taking it to the car wash to clean it before returning it.  I was able to get the job done in about an hour.

dirt work pond diggig
backhoe tree removal
Even in thick clay

​​Pictured is a larger-than-average water feature for an Edmond backyard near Lake Arcadia.

Tree Removal

Remove trees below grade to prevent re-growth.  No need to rent/hire a stump grinder.

You still gotta pay

This is what I do to customers that won't pay!  :-)

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