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Where's BozHog?

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"Mike, thank you for your work, the yard (sod prep) looks amazing. Beth and I are so pleased with your work, you addressed all of our concerns. We are thinking up other projects for you to work on." B in Arcadia

"Mike, the place looks great! Thanks for the great work you do!" -Bob S. in Oklahoma City

"It's not often that you find people you can trust to do what they say they will do.  We so appreciate that you made time to meet with us and want to continue to help us shape our property into what we envision." S.B. in Purcell

"Thanks again Mike for your work.  You exceeded our expectations and we love the work that you have completed."  L.G. in Arcadia

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My Promise to You

What does "professional" mean when it comes to brush hogging and other tractor work?  Being a professional means many things including:


  1. I don't waste time on the job.  This is your money and I want to be a good steward of your trust in me.

  2. I will show up when I say I will or make sure you know immediately if there is a delay.

  3. I take good care of my equipment and it will be in good shape when I arrive. Break downs happen but are extremely rare.

  4. I will show up clean, use proper language, and always be respectful of your property.

  5. I invoice in great detail so you have a very good understanding of the work that was completed.

Rate Information

Ten percent of my hourly rate immediately goes to support local non-profits and charitable organizations who help our fellow citizens in need.  By hiring me, you are also supporting great causes.  My hourly rate is $90/hr but not all hourly rates are created equal! And certainly not all equipment/operators get the same work done in the same amount of time.  Here's a great example:

With a 4ft brush hog at 3mph you can generally brush hog a little over 1 acre per hour. With a 7ft brush hog you can cover just under 2 acres per hour or just less than twice as much. Thus, even if the hourly rate is $10 or $20 higher, you still save money with the larger equipment.  Additionally, different techniques result in a cleaner cut and better overall appearance.

I work hard and I work fast to minimize your expense.  It thrills me to no end when a customer tells me that I either finished much faster than "that last guy we hired" or I get the "Wow, that went a whole lot faster than I expected!"

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